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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hey, Zach, love to see you at an alumni event

If you were watching the Masters today, the guy breaking his clubs was Tiger Woods. The guy winning was Zach Johnson, a Drake graduate.

Now for me, it's already pretty cool because Zach is a fellow eastern Iowan, but to be a Drake alum, too. Woo hoo.

I've posted a little update about him on here

I also have TD archives back to 1997, so I put those on the site as well. Zach had a good career at Drake, but he was never the top golfer. In fact, he cost the Bulldogs the D.A. Weibring Invitational because he signed the wrong scorecard. Oops. Oh, well, Zach. We forgive you. Just stop by and see us sometime.

Now that Tom Davis is in charge of athletic fundraising, maybe he'll put together a golf outing and invite Zach. As an Iowa fan, too, Zach is still a fan of Dr. Tom so if he can fit it in, I'm sure he'll say yes.