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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Keno takes the reins

Dr. Tom announced his retirement last week. His son, and head assistant coach, Keno Davis will take over as head coach per an agreement signed by the university last year.

Dr. Tom steps down from his head coaching position after leading the men's basketball team to it's first winning season since 1987. He will stay with Drake, however, to serve as a special assistant to the athletic director.

What do you think about Keno taking over the program? What about Dr. Tom stepping down?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Drake women are dancing!

Hop on the bandwagon; there's always room for one more. Put on your Drake blue and sing the praises of the women's basketball team because it's going to the NCAA Tournament.

The Bulldogs were certainly down this season without Jill Martin and Jordann Plummer, but never out. Their current leading scorer, Brandy Dahir, is out for the rest of the year with mono. So Lauren Dybing stepped up and earned herself a spot on the Valley all-tournament team.

The selection show is on a 7 p.m. tonight on ESPN. Don't miss it.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Thank you to the Drake Bulldog, who underwrote the cost of tickets for students. Normally, $15, students can now attend Sunday's Valley championship for $1.

Hopefully students take advantage and cheer on the women to their first NCAA Touranment berth since 2002. About six Evansville students had the Drake student section beat at Saturday's game.

Honestly, I haven't followed women's basketball this season, but after watching these ladies play three games, there is more to basketball than what happens above the rim.

See you at the Knapp Center at 2 p.m.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Valley women's touranment

In Thursday's issue of The Times-Delphic, columnist Angie DiSalvo makes a good point: you can spare $10 and attend the first round of the Valley women's tournament at the Knapp Center.

Eighth-seeded Drake faces No. 9 Wichita State at 6:05 p.m., and you can stay for the 7-10 game if you want, too. Five dollars per game isn't a bad deal.

I know $10 seems steep because tickets to games are already built into tuition payments, but it'll be money well spent. It'll give you a chance to appreciate basketball beneath the rim, and you'll make the women's basketball players happy. Seriously. Nick Grant has told me twice that he and his teammates notice when people are in the stands and they truly appreciate it. Not to mention, the host of previous Valley tournaments, regardless of the seed, has done some major damage in the bracket.

You'll see me in the stands, wearing my Drake blue and sans $10.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Tom Davis — I think he's staying

Tom Davis has led Drake to its first winning season in 20 years, and has helped the Bulldogs have win two tournaments and add a third trophy to its case after beating Iowa, Iowa State and Northern Iowa. He's 68 years old, and his son, Keno, has already been named his successor. Mission accomplished, right?

It is according to the many media reports brewing rumors that the Doctor will retire. But, seriously, I don't even think Tom Davis knows whether or not he will retire, which is what he told the media following Drake's loss to Southern Illinois at the Missouri Valley Conference tournament. He said he'll take some time off and consider his health and whether or not he's still having fun.

I still think Tom wants to continue working with players like Josh Young and Klayton Korver along with his new recruits. He doesn't seem to be as concerned with milestones and records when making up his mind. Davis' record is currently 598, but I don't think getting No. 600 will factor into his decision.

Reason for him to go include the golf course, his health and Keno, of course. Davis seems to be in good shape and enjoying his job, but he did miss his first game of his 32-year career this season because he was ill with the flu. Keno almost lead the team to a victory at Wichita State that night.

Despite that, I vote for stay. What do you think?

In other news, Evansville and Indiana State are looking for new coaches. The Purple Aces' Steve Merfeld resigned and the Sycamores' Royce Waltman's contract was not renewed ... sounds familiar.