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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Face it, Jamie Pollard...

The whole state is not going to cater to your needs.

And thank you Sean Keeler for telling him this.

Jamie Pollard's Cyclones didn't fare to well against Northern Iowa and Drake this season. As of now, the Missouri Valley has a higher RPI than the Big 12, but the Valley is still regarded as a mid-major conference ... that just so happens to have one of its teams in the top 10.

The Iowa State athletic director think he boost Iowa State programs to the national level. He also needs to raise funds for all of his improvements to the Iowa State facilities. So, his solution: play Drake and Northern Iowa on a neutral court. Of course, Iowa and Iowa State can keep its home-and-home series.

Pollard came to Iowa State to make a splash and, well ... they don't call it the Hawkeye State for nothing. So he has to go after the smaller Division I schools. He already rained on the Panthers and Bulldogs' season football opener.

Luckily, the idea won't fly. Drake's Sandy Hatfield Clubb and Northern Iowa's Rick Hartzell gave him a collective, "When pigs fly," response ... just a little nicer. Playing in Wells Fargo Arena is expensive, and Drake and Northen Iowa aren't going to give up a chance to control the funds coming in.

Jamie, some advice, less billboards, more people skills.


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I would comment but... I know nothing about Iowa sports.

Get another non-sports blog, Jen, then I'll join in. :)


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