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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Drake football gets first win

The football team improved to 1-1 Saturday after beating Division II Upper Iowa 40-7 at Drake Stadium. To the right is a photo of running back Scott Phayvadong looking to elude some Upper Iowa defenders.

Out of the four Division I schools in Iowa, Drake arguably had the best showing. Northern Iowa lost to Division II North Dakota 35-31. While the Fighting Sioux are transitioning to Division-IAA status, the Panthers haven't lost to a DII foe since the 1980s.

Iowa and Iowa State both won, but the games were too close for comfort. Iowa took Syracuse into double overtime before clinching a 20-13 win. While the game was in New York at the Carrier Dome, the Orangemen were riding a 10-game losing streak —— now 11 games.

Iowa State beat Nevada-Las Vegas 16-10 at home after a controversial final play. UNLV thought its receiver had made a catch in the end zone with time expiring, but officials reviewed the play and said the Rebel player was out-of-bounds.

Neither Iowa or Iowa State have been spectacular in the first two outings. What do you think is going to happen when the teams meet up at Kinnick Stadium on Sept. 16?

Drake also meets stiffer competition at home: Wisconsin-Platteville, a Division III team. The Bulldogs have a 1-2 record vs. the Pioneers.

What game are you going to on Saturday? Or, if you don't have ticket, what games are you going to watch?


At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Hawkeyes and Cyclones are very, very lucky. While their games were quite entertaining, they need to do better against low-caliber teams if they're going to compete in their respective conferences.

As far as Drake goes, the Bulldogs are stuck in a league full of horrible teams and a couple good ones. Unfortunately, it seems the Bulldogs will again finish in the runner-up or third place spot again this year. I've been less than impressed with Retherford. Phaydavong might be able to carry the team for a while, but what's going to happen when he gets shut down and we need to pass. We have good receivers (Putnam and Moroni are very experienced), but someone has to throw the ball to them.

At 9:08 PM, Blogger John Ripslinger said...

Syracuse plyed inspired football, Iowa was in their shoes about 7 years ago. A lesser team would have lost that game. A win is a win. It will interesting to see how the Orange do with the ILL-INI.

I have tickets to the ISU-Iowa game!!!!!

Go Dogs, I really like Phaydavong as well.

At 11:38 PM, Blogger Jumpin Joe said...

I went to the CyHawk game in iowa City. Tough game for the Hawks, I think they were lucky to get out of there with a win. Meyer is a very dangerous QB. I am suprised that they did not throw to Shada's man more often. They were killing him, he could not stop anything.

It was a great day for a game. Only problem with my day at the game was that the gal sitting behind me had too many Bloody Mary's before the game and she puked right behind me and it ran down the steps to my seat. How did I know she had bloody Mary's??? it was quite obvious fom looking at the "chunks" she tossed. Yuck!

At 11:37 AM, Anonymous KB said...

The Bulldogs are in a league with non-scholarship teams, not necessarily horrible teams. Drake may have been picked in the coaches’ poll to finish third, but I've never bought into polls- look at No. 2 Notre Dame. Enough said.

Anyway, the Bulldogs have their heart set on winning Conference like they did in 2004, and why not? Is San Diego that much better? Retherford is young, but three games into the season he's no longer the scared little rookie hiding in the backfield.

Shea and Tyler are experienced, and showed it Saturday vs. Wis.-Platteville. Phaydavong, Cashmore and Goodwin will complement with a running game.

Don't underestimate the Bulldogs- San Diego better watch out- on a good day Drake could play with the Raiders...


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