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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Civil rights crusader on campus

I learned today through a non-Drake source that investigative reporter Jerry Mitchell is going to be on campus later this week. Mitchell works for the Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Miss., as the civil rights beat reporter. With his reporting, he has sent four members of the Klu Klux Klan to jail. If you've ever seen "Ghosts of Mississippi," he's the pesky reporter.

He's visiting Drake on Thursday to receive an award, although I'm not sure what for. There's no information posted on Drake's Web site. I'll post the information once I receive it.

I'm surprised no one — especially the School of Journalism and Mass Communication — has taken the initiative to get the word out about this event. The media get a bad reputation for being invasive and being the bearers of bad news. Mitchell's work brings out the good in journalism. He's helped the state of Mississippi, as well as his own newspaper, shed light on its dark past to make amends and a better tomorrow.

Visit to read his latest articles and let me know if there are any reporters you admire.


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